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8261 Sw Wilsonville Rd, Wilsonville, OR, 97070-7715
  • Minimum $20.00 for delivery. delivery within 6 Miles.
  • And there will be a $3-$7 gasoline cost if you want delivery within 7 miles


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Wongs Chinese Restaurant, located in Wilsonville, Oregon, has been serving the neighborhood since it opened in 2001. Being a charming dine-in establishement and a fast take-out service, it provides Chinese food catered to American flavor. With palatable food, friendly service at a reasonalbe charge, Wongs Chinese Restaurant outshines the other restaurants around the area.

Wongs Chinese Restaurant, with a very extensive menu, provides food that is not only pleasing to the eye but also delicious to the palette. The Chow Fun and the Lo Mein are to fill the dinners’ stomach, while the Ma Po Tofu, the Sweet and Sour Shrimp, and the Chicken with Broccoli are destined to comfort the appetite. Besides the various items on the menu, the chef has been innovating to meet the dinners’ needs.

All the items are made with the freshest food and the greatest care, promises Mr. Su, the Owner of Wongs Chinese Restaurant. To be appealing, it is on top priority for a restaurant to stick to food quality, concludes Mr. Su, and he makes sure that his restaurant strictly abides to the ideology.

Dinning in this restaurant, you can often find the customers greet with the owner and the staff members like old friends. The wait staff is attentive and polite; with mild smiles they check up on the diners regularly without being intrusive. For restaurant management, Mr. Su frequently does the market research and adjusts his market strategy. Working hard and patiently, he hope that Wongs Chinese Restaurant will keep flouring in restaurant industry.